The Peak Performance method has helped hundreds of performers and teachers maximize their potential, overcome mental roadblocks and become the best performers they can be. See what they have to say about the Peak Performance method and Dr. Jon Skidmore.

My work with Jon has changed the course of my career. Before knowing him, I had lost the joy of performing and had no clue as to how to focus my mental, spiritual, and physical energies on stage and in the studio. But thanks to him, I have learned how to forget about myself and execute the task at hand with clarity and conviction. And most importantly with joy.

If you simply let Jon Skidmore do what he does, you will soon be able to do what YOU do without hindrance. Audiences and colleagues constantly ask me how I can exude such fun and freedom from the stage. The answer is Jon Skidmore. The ecstatic excitement of going all out and performing without limits is now a way of life.

Kris Becker
Multi-Genre Keyboardist/Composer and Keyboardist for The Literary Greats

Dr. Skidmore's class has opened up a whole new world for me. Now I have the tools not only to rid myself of performance anxiety but also to have the skills to teach my students how to handle their fears. His techniques are not just for those who perform, but for all of us who must face difficult times in our lives. I especially enjoyed the way he presented his ideas with stories and demonstrations instead of hard-to-understand psychological terms. Thanks Dr. Skidmore!

Barbara Elison
Piano Teacher for 60 years and counting!

Thank you, Dr. Skidmore, for teaching me not only that I could have a better experience performing, but also how to achieve that experience. After taking your workshop and practicing the techniques you taught, my anxieties about performing were replaced with confidence that I could meet the challenge, and my focus during my most recent performance was so much better that my hands hardly trembled at all (a new experience for me). I was thrilled! I highly recommend your workshops to anyone seeking to enhance their (or their children's) performance experience.

Stacey Hatch
Adult Piano Student, Art City Music Academy, Springville, Utah

This is a very important aspect of perfprmance that is usually neglected in the training process. I have benefited greatly from Dr. Skidmore's training.

Dr. Ronald Staheli
Conductor of Univeristy Singers Brigham Young University

I cannot tell you how helpful it has been to have my perspective begin to change about myself and performing music. I will forever be a different musician because of the new tools I've acquired. I hope you keep teaching and changing the lives of those who listen to you!

Annie Roserear
Music Major

Thank you Jon for all that you brought to the members and staff at The Cadets. Your insight, energy, thoughtfulness, and guidance was VERY beneficial. The cadets were excited about the new information and the new process in preparing to perform and look forward to its application this summer.

Eric Kitchenman Coordinator
The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps

Dr. Skidmore conducted himself with a gentle authority and sense of understanding. He was concise, clear, and developed a rapport with the group as a whole.

Micheal Dease

Your sessions with the band were incredible and we are constantly using the techniques you taught us to improve our performance and push our musical experience to a higher level. We will definitely have you work with our students again and recommend your workshops to anyone interested in improving their performance level.

John L. Miller
Band Director - American Fork High School

I liked that he had us approach our performances on a level other than musical. We focus so much on musical preparation, and it was great to have a new approach presented. I found his presentations helpful.

Pamela Harris

Dr. Skidmore's coaching helped me bring what I do in the practice room to the stage!

Michael Hining
Viola Teacher, Oak Park, IL.

Jon Skidmore's Peak Performance workshops are powerful and potentially life-changing. They are a must-attend event for anyone experiencing performance anxiety, or for anyone simply wishing to perform more freely and expressively. I recommend the workshops to performers of all ages and stages.

Karen Hendricks
Orchestra Director - Logan High School

He was approachable and understanding, providing a fun and impactful clinic for us all.

Adam Bhatia

After our workshops with Dr. Jon Skidmore, we heard comments from teachers, students, and parents like, 'It was awesome, fun, and we learned so much.' We were given a wonderful hand-out taking us through much of the process. Dr. Skidmore is passionate about his subject and presents the workshop with that kind of energy. I would recommend this workshop to any one who would like to improve their performance, students, teachers and parents.

Carla Walker
Co-Chair for Northern Utah Valley Piano Festival

I'm really glad I took this class! I found it by accident and added last minute, but it was such a good class to take. I've really changed some of my negative stories over this last semester. I felt like clapping after the last day - I should have, because that's what applause should be: When you clap because you can't help it, not because it's expected.

Brooklyn Poulter
Student - Brigham Young University

Having the opportunity to work with Dr. Skidmore was fabulous. There are fewer and fewer 'rattle snakes' on stage when I perform. In the workshops with him, I overcame, and learned a great deal about the anxiety involved with performance, and the ways to deal with it. To think, had I been put in the same situation of performing for 2000+ people in concert before working with Dr. Skidmore, I probably would have been terrified. Now, I get to look back on that performance, smile, and remember what a great feeling it was to be on that stage.

Stephen Page

After Dr. Skidmore's sessions, I learned that music (performances) have to be "fun" whatsoever! We "play" music, not "struggle" or "fight" with music. That's the entire purpose of playing music. No fear. Just enjoy the stage.

Jasmine Choi
YYPA Clinic

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