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As a performance coach, I believe everyone is a performer and I am committed to getting the psychological skills of peak performance and mental toughness into the hands of performers of all ages and all stages.

— Jon Skidmore, Psy.D.

Peak Performance offers a variety of products and service to help performers reach their individual goals both on the stage and in practice


Whether you're a band teacher, orchestra conductor or acting coach, we can help you inspire and draw out the hidden talent in your students.


Peak performance provides assessments to help you realize your strengths and weaknesses as a performer, hone your talent, and reach your highest potential


The Musicians’ Path to Peak Performance brings the psychological skills of optimal performance to your practice room and your stage.


Even experienced performers sometimes encounter roadblocks. Learn how to become a peak performer through research-based techniques.

Jon Skidmore Psy.D.


Dr. Jon Skidmore is a performance coach, licensed clinical psychologist, educator, researcher, author and singer. He believes that the path to peak performance starts between the ears not in the practice room. He loves to talk about the brain as a peak performance tool and how to create an optimal performance mindset. For decades he has been helping performing artists find freedom on stage and in life.

The Peak Performance method has helped hundreds of performers and teachers maximize their potential, overcome mental roadblocks and become the best performers they can be.

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